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Cure: Chronic Diseases

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How can we help people prevent, detect and manage chronic diseases, especially in resources-limited settings?

We are facing a chronic disease crisis. Worldwide, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, cancer, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) are responsible for 27 million deaths annually, over 75% of which occur in low- and middle-income countries. In addition to ending millions of lives, chronic diseases have major economic costs: estimates suggest they will result in tens of trillions of dollars in lost global economic output between 2011 and 2030, and in the U.S. alone, these diseases account for over $600 billion in medical costs each year.

The Solve community aims to help fill some of the acute gaps in thinking, implementation, and discovery which exist in the effort to solve the world’s most pressing challenges. To jumpstart thinking, application, and innovation to mitigate chronic disease cost, morbidity, and mortality, the Solve community can:

  • Suggest chronic disease prevention models that can both reduce cost and improve health outcomes, particularly in low-income and developing country settings.
  • Propose innovative strategies for chronic disease screening, especially to increase early detection.
  • Develop low-cost, rapidly scalable tools and technologies to help patients and caregivers more efficiently and effectively manage chronic disease burdens.


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Open source social platform of engaged patientspatientwho

1/20/17 Team only
Participatory medicine has dawned.Crowdsourcing and translating big data are the keys to moving forward real fast saving our resources.

Stop Tooth Decay: Simple, Low Cost, Painless and For EveryoneSMART

1/20/17 Team only
Medical management of tooth decay - worldwide, low cost, local personnel and no injections, drills or utilities.

Remote patient care by monetizing their physical exercise for waste managementHealers

1/20/17 Team only
We take subsidized and quality healthcare to the doorsteps of urban slum dwellers by converting organic waste to fertiliser

Interactive Care Pathway ManagementMinoxsys

1/20/17 Team only
We transform patient management across the healthcare system and predict bottlenecks to identify inefficiencies for early intervention.

NIDRA- Heart health monitor during sleepCreative Customs

1/20/17 Team only
NIDRA gives a measure of heart's performance and efficiency during sleep giving insights about various cardiovascular risks.

Health Helpmate - A visually initiated online-to-offline support programaownkaz

1/20/17 Team only
A personalized video/picture campaign that initiates a companion synced treatment program through a mobile app; tying recovery & prevention

SMART STEPS - Prescreening chronic diseases in mass scale at low costSMARTSTEPS

1/20/17 Team only
SMARTSTEPS-Technology platform combined with a unique screening approach modelled to get chronic disease risk score for less than a dollar.

Empowering the care giver; in field, in care settings, at home or on the moveDoxper for carers

1/20/17 Team only
Doxper digitizes, mines and delivers insights; from regular handwritten prescriptions, case histories, surveys, etc. with just pen & paper!

Discharge Instructions by QR CodeNTMC

1/20/17 Team only
Advanced simple system improving effectiveness of Discharge Instructions by QRcode for patients with chronic diseases given by medical staff

The Lucky Iron Fish: a sustainable solution to iron deficiency anemia in IndiaLucky Iron Fish

1/20/17 Team only

Culture as a medium to engage people in low resource settingsHealthyCulture

1/20/17 Team only
Promoting a culture of healthy living through the cultural behaviour of the people and manage chronic conditions

Assess, Analyze, Antidote - Three pronged approach to mass treatmentRochish Ambati

1/20/17 Team only
Data collection and rapid diagnoses through algorithms on patients' description of symptoms and deploy treatment while monitoring progress

Pika: a global healthcare and education computer with a digital projector.Pika Computer

1/20/17 Team only
The Pika computing platform provides a cheap solar-powered health and education solution for the world'Â?s poorest using digital projection.

Disruptive blood screening technologyBrainshake

1/20/17 Team only
We introduce a disruptive blood screening solution to enable prediction and prevention of heart disease and diabetes in routine healthcare.

Target NCD risk factor-Reduce frying oil re-use;Produce biofuel for refugee campEMPHNET - GHD

1/20/17 Team only
Reducing oil re-usage reduces NCD risk factor thereby increasing waste oil disposal to produce bio-fuel for refugee camps

Behavioral Modification Platform for Opioid Use DisorderHey,Charlie

1/20/17 Team only
We help individuals in recovery for opioid use disorder rebuild their social environments and interact more deeply with their clinicians.

A cardiologist in the cloud... and your pocket!CardioCloud

1/20/17 Team only
Heart is life! Yet,we know nothing about our hearts. CardioCloud empowers patients to monitor their heart anytime, anywhere.

Chronic Companion - Migraine management, prevention and personal health insightsvclau

1/20/17 Team only
Migraine management, prevention and personal health insights at the touch of a button, using machine learning + wearables.

Give IBS/IBD the Boot!!Farm2Health

1/20/17 Team only
A multi-faceted approach will prevent new cases of IBD, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, and will reduce both human suffering & revenue loss.

Use of Patch Technology to Detect Hydrogen SulfideFarm2Health

1/20/17 Team only
Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) has recently been speculated to be an important biomediator. However, excessive measuring errors arecausing confusion

Is Crohn's due to Mycobacterium avium subsp. paratuberculosis?Farm2Health

1/20/17 Team only
Is there reasonable evidence for the association between Mycobacterium avium subsp. paratuberculosis and Crohn's disease in humans?

Empowering Community Leaders to Engage Local Wellness ImprovementNVSPAHS

1/19/17 Team only
Empower, mobilise and support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Communities in rural and remote areas of Australia.


1/19/17 Team only
An AI powered chatbot to identify chronic diseases from symptoms & machine learning,location tracking identifies patterns in chronic disease

Sit Long Die Young: prolonged sitting is making people sick. We are taking on itRobilis

1/19/17 Team only
Sitting is known to cause diseases. With a smart chair we are solving this problem by correcting the posture and making the user move.

Individual Tailored Treatment Plans and Electronic Health Records ResearchDrBurdocNisson

1/19/17 Team only
Teach practitioners often ignored techniques. Build an EHR to report all treatments and their success through patient and doctor mobile apps

Which Comes First: Obesity or Diabetes??True Culprit

1/19/17 Team only
Debunking a common misunderstanding that obesity results mainly from personal habits within the patient's ability to overcome independently.

Controlled Drug Delivery Using Hydrogel-Encapsulated Piezoelectric MicropumpsBradley Harrison

1/19/17 Team only
Piezoelectric pumps convert arterial mechanical energy into automatic, valve-mediated microliter dosages utilizing non-cytotoxic materials

An Unconventional Approach to fight Diabetes & other chronic diseasesNutriCount

1/19/17 Team only
Let's empower the Type 2 Diabetes (T2D) community, specially low-income populations, to make life-style changes in their nutrition.

(Semi-)Mandatory Community Farmscacaobird

1/19/17 Team only
Community farms! Mandate (by social pressure if not by law) participation by all identifiable (government or social media) citizens

Saving the lives of refugees and the Environment in LebanonJABER

1/19/17 Team only
Teaching the refugees how to avoid diseases and to reduce CO2 emission during the production of their drinking water

Low Cost Chronic Wound Assement & Analyzer DeviceEPOCARE

1/19/17 Team only
Wound Analyzer, a device which serves as a solution for assessment of chronic wounds by providing analytics solution based on wound Imaging.

Cancer, Diabetes, and Accidents Combined Kill Less Than Cardiovascular DiseaseHeart Savers

1/19/17 Team only
Earliest detection of cardiovascular disease. Derivative of Nobel Prize in 1998 endothelial tissue and nitric acid, works of Dr Jay N Cohn.

COMMUNICATING FOR HEALTH-Health ambassadors 2 create awareness on healthy habitsWe solve

1/19/17 Team only
Training youth to become community health ambassadors-creating awareness on healthy habits through community spaces to stop chronic diseases

Empowering our doctors, raising our standard of care, lowering healthcare costspositivity

1/18/17 Team only
Empowering doctors with training intensives for specific diseases utilizing the best alternative care options available for their region.

BrazilLAB - Ideas for Brazil's FutureBrazilLAB

1/18/17 Team only
Brazil Lab is an innovation hub that accelerates ideas and connects healthcare entrepreneurs with the government.

#laurabot is a Cognitive Risk Management Robot for early detection of sepsis.Laura Networks

1/18/17 Team only
Laurabot early detects Sepsis, a syndrome that kills more than cancer and more than traffic and about 5 million people annually in the world

Breakthrough Antibiotic is a Safe, Quick Cure For Common Airborne DiseasesAdmiral

1/18/17 Team only
Horrigan labs discovers a new method for airborne disease treatment and prevention for common sinus, bronchial and lung diseases

App using hyper location to offer medical supervision for third age communitiesTeam Brazil

1/18/17 Team only
An app using hyper location in real time that offered security in sharing medical supervision to reduce cost and improve health outcome.

A Digital Platform For Automated Self-Coaching For Obesity & DiabetesYavari

1/17/17 Team only
A digital self-coaching program for obesity and diabetes with deep learning capability offered in a financial incentive-based model.

Diabetic Retinopathy Screenings using Artificial

1/17/17 Team only
We propose a mobile app to help patients who have symptoms that manifest in the eye, such as diabetic retinopathy and macular degeneration.

Reduce / reverse pre-diabetes in 100m peoplehealthcoin

1/17/17 Team only
reduce and reverse diabetes in 100m people by tracking and rewarding prevention using a blockchain & biomarkers.

Food - The Ultimate Cause and the only Cure!Solvers

1/17/17 Team only
The food we eat is completely in our control. Now it is up to us if we want it to be the cause or the cure, for all our suffering.


1/16/17 Team only
HealthTRIK,The next trick for chronic disease patients toward a healthy live.

Clinical grade wrist-wearable with alert mechanismMedIoTek Team

1/16/17 Team only
A future where mobile health technology enables patients/senior citizens/chronic disease sufferers achieve good quality of life affordably

Unified National Health Solace (UNHS)KishanKChand

1/15/17 Team only
Only 5 approaches shall improve the Health system globally and help patients, caregivers and doctors to prevent, detect and manage diseases

Healthcare without bordersHiranAzevedo

1/15/17 Team only
Biometric hardware and open source software to empower mobile tools used by researchers, NGOs, and governments to ensure health coverage.

Medical big data use for new insights on diseases alerts, causes & curesEdith Ohri

1/13/17 Team only
Produce early-alerts, advice on prevention and hands-on research, by exploring health centers big-data with GT robust analytics algorithms.

A Technologically Integrated Pre-Healthcare System Ignites Preventative Culture!StefanGuyana

1/12/17 Team only
A Technologically Integrated Pre-Healthcare System (T.I.P.S.) that builds a culture of pro-active screening and prevention of disease.


1/11/17 Team only
Train barefoot doctors, and keep them trained and backed up by experts using telemedicine; periodic visits via buses equipped as clinics.

A new lookmcartistic

1/10/17 Team only
Social development through art.

All your health information. One Place.AzaadHealth

1/10/17 Team only
A secure cloud healthcare platform which aggregates patient health information from healthcare providers and wearable fitness devices.

E-textiles(Smart Fabrics) for monitoring Health and assist preventive measures.Koushika

1/8/17 Team only
Smart Fabric made from biocompatible piezoelectric - Silk Fibroin, to monitor health conditions and by making it available in pharmacies.

Giving People Their Voices Back: Speech Recognition Tech for the Speech ImpairedVoiceitt

1/8/17 Team only
Talkitt speech recognition technology translates unintelligible speech patterns into clear speech in real time

Neuralgia, a new approach at least for one, HC.mark0852

1/8/17 Team only
Pain is your life, can you help? What if you could, would you know how? Questions like these are never asked, it's time they were.

Empower Women For A Better Healthpravish2306

1/7/17 Team only

Stimulate acupuncture points may slow down the rate of chronic dieaseszhaojianai

1/7/17 Team only
According to Traditional Chinese medicine, stimulate certain acupuncture points could slow down the rate of diseases getting serious.

Application to assist in making lifestyle changesoak

1/6/17 Team only
This solution targets monitoring Diet and Exercise which is the key to avoiding the ill effects of chronic diseases.

keeping cost down for wheelchair users and get them out of their dwellingsmaninachair

1/5/17 Team only
low cost one light weight swing footrest bar for wheelchairs

Collaborative Solution to Cure Heart FailureHF Eliminators

1/3/17 Team only
Diseases once chronic have since been cured. Let us add Heart Failure to that list. Rigorous collaboration technologies will get us there.

Freedom from Nicotine AddictionJBAnderson

1/3/17 Team only
Public policy initiative that can eliminate tobacco addiction, saving countless lives and massive health care expenditures.

Human Monitoring System [HuMS]UzumApps

1/3/17 Team only
Cheap & easy integrated chronic diseased patients/people monitoring system provides doctors with detail info at real time.

Curing a Chronic Disease That Effects Every Aspects of One's Life, Poor VisionGlobal Vision 2020

1/2/17 Team only
Solving both the access and awareness issue of eyeglasses distribution, GV2020 can help 2.5B people enjoy a clearer, fuller, safer life.

Community care practices in black people: preventing hypertension and Diabetes.Poilera

1/2/17 Team only
Community practices for health promotion, prevention and treatment of hypertension and diabetes forming a community network.


12/29/16 Team only
My invention; Power Source Circuits; and/or Microchips Electronics that generate electricity and enhanced power for devices functionality.

iHealth - Healthcare informed by the experiences of communitiesiHealth

12/29/16 Team only
Imagine how many healthcare solutions might be lost in the annals of history. Successes lost because they weren't part of an RCT. Let's go!

The curing GateIslamra

12/29/16 Team only
A free online global gate for all people who are interested in curing chronic diseases and patients.

Healing Power of (Ultra)Sound: Treating Inflammatory Bowel DiseaseSuono Bio

12/28/16 Team only
Ultrasound-mediated ultra-rapid delivery of therapeutics to the gastrointestinal (GI) tract for the treatment of inflammatory bowel disease.

Everybody a yoga teacherPreach Yoga

12/27/16 Team only
An App that accepts the unique links of YouTube yoga videos and helps analytics on who uploaded, participants etc and benefits in short time

Wearable watch which monitor health, alert emergency services and suggestmadhukarsabinkari

12/27/16 Team only
1.Wearable wrist watch which can collect sweat & test.Reads heartbeat,BP,BMI and record, analayze. 2.Alert/suggest based on criticality.

Mobile ML for Diabetics A healthy program for scanning Nutrition Facts labelingMEDPIKE

12/26/16 Team only
A mobile machine learning service to generate programs of healthy living for diabetics based on their daily diet (Nutritional Facts Label).

Cannabis One Solution for many problemsleonardoatx3

12/26/16 Team only
Cannabis Oil is a very week known solution for many illnesses and is easy and cheap to be produced and processed and most poor countries

Eliminate Chronic Diseases: Cooking + Fitness Program for Women Of ColorMichelle Rivas

12/1/16 Team only
Culturally-competent small group healthy cooking and fitness demonstrations for women utilizing community spaces to prevent chronic diseases

Solving the leading cause of death in Central Americaxaviervel

11/30/16 Team only
Let's solve the epidemic of chronic kidney disease that's decimating entire communities in Central America.

The Challenge Of Oral Diseases: A Call for Global ActionJean Paul

11/23/16 Team only
The Unspoken Smiles Foundation: Promoting good oral hygiene skills to children worldwide through economic empowerment.

Implanted Access Points to Vascular System + Low-Tech Pump for Blood CirculationMindey

11/22/16 Team only
Simple long-term access points (catheters) and standardized hand (or electric) pumps to provide manual pumping of blood anytime we need.