reduce and reverse diabetes in 100m people by tracking and rewarding prevention using a blockchain & biomarkers.



Healthcoin is building a solution that allow for patient centric tracking and rewarding of diabetes and pre-diabetes progress. We are creating a reward certificate and currency that are blockchain based. 

The approach lets the community around a person both clinical and non-clinical participate in rewarding and encouraging progress.

In addition a research pool of data is being created that lets individuals submit data for sale.  Individuals will be able to upload and store clinical and personal wearables data anonymously on a blockchain.

What are the key outcomes and impact of your solution?

End goal 100m participants

Millions of clinical records in an extensible database (i.e. can be expanded for genomic, micro-biomic etc. data sets.)

What actions do you propose to realize your stated goals?

We are at alpha moving to MVP. We have talks and targets for 3 govts. at the ministerial level with over 150m people.  In addition the business model supports insurance, employers and other major partners to participate.

Healthcoin has been accepted to TMCx (world's largest medical system) accelerator. 8m patient visit/year.

Who will take these actions?

Nick Gogerty, CTO of healthcoin. founder of Solarcoin.

Diego Espinosa CEO healthcoin

3 govt's can't disclose right now.

various private wellness and employer groups.

Target geography

United States, UK, Bangladesh, UAE, Continential Europe.

What do you expect are the costs associated with piloting and implementing the solution, and what is your business model?

We anticipate a $500k cash raise in the next 6 months to complete beta. followed by $1.5m to complete scale build in the next 18 months, followed by a series A of $5-$8m to build out the research portal and business development.


Pilot launches in 3 months time with small wellness groups. 3-6 months will see roll-out with 3-5 smaller employers 3-5k employees each.  After that larger conversations with captive employers and large insurance companies will begin.  goal is engagement with 1-2m people/members in 3-5 years. On the population govt side, we should see data capture and clinical data from partners measuring in the millions within 3-6 years.  The solution lends itself to scale in multiple single payer countries.  So the next target would be major nation states national health systems with an end goal of 100m people positively impacts in 10 years and a large pool of easily available research data created as digital exhaust from the project.

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Reduce / reverse pre-diabetes in 100m people
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