Respiratory feedback, analytics, tracking and coaching to detect, prevent and better manage lung disease using your smartphone and headset



Chronic respiratory conditions are on the rise worldwide in both developed and developing countries costing billions of dollars and reducing quality of life. In the U.S. and EU alone, the direct healthcare costs for asthma and COPD are $55 billion dollars a year while the indirect costs to families, communities and employers are $45 billion annually. The factors that lead to an increase of respiratory conditions worldwide include:

Lack of literacy - most people don't know lung health risks

Mid-late detection of lung disease: Most people and health care practitioners are not aware of breathing difficulties until they become acute.

Environment: Tobacco smoke, biomass fuels used for cooking and heating, smoke from fires and toxic outdoor and indoor air pollutants irritate and damage our lungs irreversibly

Lifestyle: Smoking is the number cause of lung cancer

Respiratory diseases are frequently avoidable and prevention and better disease management can save costs and lives.  

Breath Research is an innovative company focused on improving health through acoustic based measures of respiration. This includes tools for respiratory tests and assessments and smart algorithms for tracking disease status We are proposing the rapid development of a simple, low cost, non invasive tracking tool for chronic diseases such as asthma & COPD Each of these syndromes drift into characteristic patterns that can be tracked over time and weighted for severity to create a personal risk or warning system.  Such a tracking tool can also be used for quantifying response to therapy as well as drug adherence. Our current MVP is designed to work with mobile phones and headsets, which can easily deployed and used by most people. In our MVP, we also track outdoor air quality and altitude. We propose developing algorithms that combine acoustic measures of respiration and disease tracking with global data about biomass fuel usage, smoking, buildings, etc to be able target vulnerable populations early. 

What are the key outcomes and impact of your solution?

To improve early detection, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of chronic lung disease

To save lives, reduce costs, improve quality of life.

Our moonshot is to eradicate chronic respiratory disease.

What actions do you propose to realize your stated goals?

Our solution can be easily distributed via healthcare, schools, workplaces and communities. Mobile phones and headsets have become ubiquitous worldwide and are low cost solutions for improving education, tracking and communication. 

Who will take these actions?

Healthcare companies such as insurance and healthcare providers, public healthcare agencies could invest in our solution to improve healthcare outcomes and save significant direct and indirect costs.

Target geography

We’re for a for profit start up company. 

Project cost estimate is $3M over 2-3 years to create a validated scalable product. 

An example of Deliverables


1.     Working prototype – form factor – for optimizing signal and reproducibility

2.     Optimized tracking algorithm

3.     System testing – validation in simulated conditions – human pilot testing

4.     Early disease specific testing – iteration – final changes to algorithm

5.     Finalization of product

6.     Early clinical studies 

Benefits to Investors

1.     Early entry into novel, passive monitoring technology

2.     Leveraging years of algorithm development by breath research

3.     Clinical – Research expertise of Breath Research partner – Mayo Clinic

4.     Easy access to patient populations

5.     Passive device able to span multiple disease states.



What do you expect are the costs associated with piloting and implementing the solution, and what is your business model?

Business model 

Software as a service

Reimbursement for remote patient monitoring

Licensing our technology

We're open to working with non profits. 


We can expand our MVP mobile app, backend database and machine learning algorithms.

We're considering a low cost simple headset with optimized acoustics that would communicate with smartphones and be multipurpose.

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