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Cure: Chronic Diseases

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How can we help people prevent, detect and manage chronic diseases, especially in resources-limited settings? 

We are facing a chronic disease crisis. Worldwide, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, cancer, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) are responsible for 27 million deaths annually, over 75% of which occur in low- and middle-income countries. In addition to ending millions of lives, chronic diseases have major economic costs: estimates suggest they will result in tens of trillions of dollars in lost global economic output between 2011 and 2030, and in the U.S. alone, these diseases account for over $600 billion in medical costs each year


The Solve community aims to help fill some of the acute gaps in thinking, implementation, and discovery which exist in the effort to solve the world’s most pressing challenges. To jumpstart thinking, application, and innovation to mitigate chronic disease cost, morbidity, and mortality, the Solve community can:


  • Suggest chronic disease prevention models that can both reduce cost and improve health outcomes, particularly in low-income and developing country settings.
  • Propose innovative strategies for chronic disease screening, especially to increase early detection.
  • Develop low-cost, rapidly scalable tools and technologies to help patients and caregivers more efficiently and effectively manage chronic disease burdens.


15 Solutions

Solution nameAuthor(s)ModifiedContributors

SMART STEPS - Prescreening chronic diseases in mass scale at low costSMARTSTEPS

1/20/17 Team only
SMARTSTEPS-Technology platform combined with a unique screening approach modelled to get chronic disease risk score for less than a dollar.

Health Helpmate - A visually initiated online-to-offline support programaownkaz

1/20/17 Team only
A personalized video/picture campaign that initiates a companion synced treatment program through a mobile app; tying recovery & prevention

Remote patient care by monetizing physical exercise for waste managementHealthAllies

1/20/17 Team only
Convert organic waste to fertilizer to bring personal smartphone healthcare solutions to shared community-based SMART clinics

The Lucky Iron Fish: a sustainable solution to iron deficiency anemia in IndiaLucky Iron Fish

1/20/17 Team only
The solution to a complex problem like iron deficiency can be as simple as putting a Lucky Iron Fish in every pot #IronDeficiency #Soent

Respiratory Health and Wellness PlatformBreathResearch

1/20/17 Team only
Respiratory feedback, analytics, tracking and coaching to detect, prevent and better manage lung disease using your smartphone and headset

Online, open source cancer literacy program that learns over timeIMPACTcancer

1/20/17 Team only
Reduce global cancer burden through open source, iterative, online cancer literacy program for low to middle-income communities and NGOs/NPs

Disruptive blood screening technologyBrainshake

1/20/17 Team only
Disruptive blood screening solution to cut heart disease and diabetes costs up to 25% by enabling preventive medicine in routine healthcare.

Cognitive dietitian to drive behavior change with life data for diabeticsmsalee2000

1/20/17 Team only
Provide accurate dietary tracking and predictive analytics, determine personal glycemic responses, and promote behavior change for diabetics

Controlled Drug Delivery Using Hydrogel-Encapsulated Piezoelectric MicropumpsBradley Harrison

1/20/17 Team only
Piezoelectric pumps convert arterial mechanical energy into automatic, valve-mediated microliter dosages utilizing non-cytotoxic materials

Empowering the care giver; in field, in care settings, at home or on the moveDoxper for carers

1/20/17 Team only
Doxper digitizes, mines and delivers insights; from regular handwritten prescriptions, case histories, surveys, etc. with just pen & paper!

Culture as a medium to engage people in low resource settingsHealthyCulture

1/20/17 Team only
Promoting a culture of healthy living through the cultural behaviour of the people and manage chronic conditions

Target NCD risk factor-Reduce frying oil re-use;Produce biofuel for refugee campEMPHNET - GHD

1/20/17 Team only
Reducing oil re-usage reduces NCD risk factor thereby increasing waste oil disposal to produce bio-fuel for refugee camps

An Unconventional Approach to fight Diabetes & other chronic diseasesNutriCount

1/19/17 Team only
Let's empower the Type 2 Diabetes (T2D) community, specially low-income populations, to make life-style changes in their nutrition.

A Digital Platform For Automated Self-Coaching For Obesity & DiabetesYavari

1/17/17 Team only
A digital self-coaching program for obesity and diabetes with deep learning capability offered in a financial incentive-based model.

Reduce / reverse pre-diabetes in 100m peoplehealthcoin

1/17/17 Team only
reduce and reverse diabetes in 100m people by tracking and rewarding prevention using a blockchain & biomarkers.