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How can individuals and corporations manage and reduce their carbon contributions?

By 2050, the world must double its energy and food supply to meet demand generated in large part by a growing increasingly prosperous population. We need to act now to balance increased production and consumption with the urgent steps necessary to monitor, manage, and mitigate climate change and its associated ecological and environmental risks.The Solve community aims to help fill some of the acute gaps in thinking, implementation, and discovery which exist in the effort to solve the world’s most pressing challenges. To help jumpstart additive solutions to manage our global emissions crisis, the SOLVE community will seek to generate and implement solutions to:

  • Generate, test and deploy carbon removal technologies that could be deployed by individuals and/or corporations, at point or at scale.
  • Suggest implementable ‘bottom-up’ carbon pricing approaches for communities and businesses.
  • Propose large-scale individual-level and business-level solutions to significantly reduce emissions.

NOTE: Solutions which address only one or several of these areas are welcome.

125 Solutions

Solution nameAuthor(s)ModifiedContributors

Expanding the Role of Industrial Photosynthesis in Carbon ReductionTeam Creo

1/20/17 Team only
Advanced photobioreactors can now outperform modern agriculture. How can they be expanded to make agricultural production carbon-negative?

TRASH.IO: Designing Waste-Management for Humans, to Stop Carbon

1/20/17 Team only
TRASH.IO is a universal garbage bin label system that helps everyone sort waste. Sorted waste = material purity = less carbon emissions.

Turning Foodwaste Carbon NegativeYukiMach

1/20/17 Team only
3.3 billion tonnes of CO2e is emitted from food waste per year. What if we could put 50% of it back in the soil, instead of in our air?

Marine Biomass Based Bioenergy and Biochar with Universal Carbon PricingORCA

1/20/17 Team only
The combination of bioenergy/biochar systems (BEBCS) produces a strong C negative path. Marine (Blue) BEBCS with C pricing is proposed.

Afforest app: users really making the world green again like a gameBrazil Blue Sky

1/20/17 Team only
A platform solution to create an accessible network for the gamification of planting of tree seedlings

Carbon-Neutral Syngas Production and Storage Using Renewable EnergyATCO Innovation

1/20/17 Anyone
Use renewable energy, CO2 sequestered from air, and H2O to create syn-gas that can be stored or used for heating or electricity generation.

No-Cost CO2 Sequestration using Industrial Hemp unlimited times before burial.CARBON HUNTERS

1/20/17 Team only
No-cost pathways to permanently sequester millions of tonnes of CO2, employ thousands and generate millions in taxes with Industrial hemp.

Easy Fuel and Carbon Tax Card with Taxpayer Rebate for Top of Mind Awarenessaquariumsw

1/20/17 Team only
This is a simple Pay at the Pump Fuel and Carbon Tax Credit Card with $1500/yr energy rebate for taxpayers, and its a bus pass.

Method Modifying Roads & Vehicles to Replace Petroleum Fuels by Clean EnergyCleanDrive

1/20/17 Team only
The CleanDrive concept is a transportation business model that jump-starts consumption of clean energy by petroleum burning cars and trucks.

Economic Incentives to Combat Rising EmissionsTeam IIT Delhi

1/20/17 Team only
Creating incentives by including environmental externalities. Three steps to reduce emissions; Carbon tax, Recycling & Sensitizing.

Pitch for the Futuretambuus

1/20/17 Team only
What is and what will be is a part of a discussion but what can I contribute would only form a part of the solution.

Redirecting waste heat to sewage treatment plants biomass fermentation tanksThe Hague Team

1/20/17 Team only
By redirecting waste heat to biomass fermentation tanks we can produce methane. This methane can be used to generate electricity.

A Win-Win Solution to Abate Aviation Carbon Dioxide EmissionsNiven

1/20/17 Team only
A solution to reduce aviation CO2 emissions, improve airline operations, and provide a blueprint for an efficient carbon price elsewhere

Pivotal Aero - a hybrid wind turbine for nano grid settingsPivotal Aero

1/20/17 Team only
Pivotal Aero is developing a hybrid wind/solar turbine for nano-grid energy generation and individual energy generation, called the M3

Spur Investments to Earn Profit, Curb Carbon & Enhance Safety in Existing PlantsWin-win Investments

1/20/17 Team only
Untapped ways to earn profit, lower CO2, enhance safety & save energy abound in existing factories. Investment incentives will spur action.

Carbon Price - CarbCoin. Virtual coin based on Block Chain Technologychirughosh

1/20/17 Team only
Allowing Carbon Credit to be tracked and pass on to lowest individual consumer level. Makes Carbon Credit tradable as a virtual coin.

Waste Reduction (Landfills and Food Dumps)BatmansTeaset

1/20/17 Team only
Lessen landfill emissions: 1. Lessen anaerobic condition 2. Give Federal regulations against tight "best-by dates"

Connecting consumers directly to businesses' green projectsTeamDedmon

1/20/17 Team only
Create a virtual marketplace that allows consumers to support carbon reduction projects proposed by companies in exchange for incentives.

Nou Comunitat, the distributed energy cooperative based on blockchain.XavierBlot

1/20/17 Team only
A smart framework for distributed energy co-ops to reduce carbon emission and increase green energy production.

ENERj : a fun, engaging and rewarding way to save energyENERj

1/20/17 Team only
We can leverage technology to affect mass scale change by nudging individual actors to consume more responsibly.

ecotrack: the app that helps humans cut carbonecotrack

1/20/17 Team only
ecotrack is fitbit for sustainability: a free app which tracks your carbon footprint and gives you personalized suggestions for shrinking it

Ensuring next 3 Billion people get sustainable Renewable energy solutionsManik M Jolly

1/20/17 Team only
Ensuring smart renewable grids for half of the world's population living with none/minimal electricity mitigates massive carbon emmissions.

Clout Barter - Incorruptibly righteous system for souls to fulfill mutual needs.A team would be good

1/20/17 Team only corporate is a buffer. Develops & manages IP & © contributions. Wealth supports trade system using "Clout" for transactions.


1/20/17 Team only
Using thermoelectric generators with immersed computing to turn low temperature industrial waste heat into useful energy with no footprint.

Naturally made consumer goods in ancient recycling way without harmful chemicalsBSD Organics

1/20/17 Team only
Natural techniques to organically make consumer goods without using harmful chemicals

Quantitative GHG Reduction Using Micron Thermal Separation and Green ChemistryCamston Wrather

1/20/17 Team only
Camston reduces GHGs by recovering precious metals from e-waste using green technology transforming end-of-life bits into tomorrows atoms

Transit X: solar-powered flying podsTransit X

1/20/17 Team only
Transit X is developing solar-powered flying pods more sustainable than buses, trains, cars, trucks, and planes. See

Unlimited cost-effective genertion of electricity without carbon emissiosEtzel

1/20/17 Team only
The use of a known technology for electricity generation, more effectively used and without carbon emissions

Large-Scale Carbon Capture Utilization - Innovations in Energy and Manufacturing4C-Adapt

1/20/17 Team only
4C-Adapt: Grid and non-grid manufacturing of key industrial materials with large capacity sequestering of carbon dioxide as a byproduct.

"Enclosed Forestry": Why should everything be on TOP? Making a World undergroundRamachandranSeetharaman

1/20/17 Team only
Why not afforest underground? or in stacks? Brining in the Enclosed Forestry to clean air naturally.

Joro - A Revolution in Demand Side EnergyNRG

1/20/17 Team only
Removing barriers that inhibit society from engaging in ecologically sustainable behaviors through a novel approach to emission reductions.

Direct Methane Conversion - Changing Emissions to Graphene and Hydrogen FuelAeolus's Breath

1/20/17 Team only
To prevent potent carbon emissions, DMC employs hands-off, low-cost technology to produce profitable yields while reducing methane output.

Powering the Oilfiled with Any-gas to reduce on-site fugative natural gas wasteDynamo micropower

1/20/17 Team only
Methane is 25x more potentent green house gas than CO2. Converting it to power at the source can reduce 350 Million tons in emissions


1/20/17 Team only
Inspired by The Great Oxygenation Event, this proposal aims to reduce the level of atmospheric carbon through photosynthesis

Waste Heat Energy Trade: New Business Strategy Towards Carbon-Neutral IndustriesHydromania and 1 other

1/20/17 Team only
Waste heat of some industries is sufficient to drive smaller businesses. What if there was a market to sell/buy that waste heat?

Seaweed aquaculture: mitigate carbon, build soil, reduce ocean aciditycrookkohler

1/20/17 Team only
Growing seaweed can sequester carbon, reduce ocean dead zones and ocean acidity, build soils, and provide food for animals and people.

Amanzi - An engaging platform that rethinks carbonStay Fresh

1/20/17 Team only
Amanzi leverages smart phones & social media tools to create a platform that rethinks carbon contributions

Key solutions of reducing global carbon emissionsDREAMERS

1/20/17 Team only
A solution that comprises 3 different fields (policy, education and technology) that might solve the rising problem of climate change.

Carbon Economy to Decrease Carbon ContributionEIT SELECT KTH

1/20/17 Team only
Dynamic Pricing of Commodities based on Life Cycle Carbon Contributions (past and potential future). Higher emissions result higher pricing.

Project "Live Green"Ecoloop

1/20/17 Team only
Project Viva Verde is aimed at providing the correct destination to waste, specially recyclables, in the city of Manaus.

Credits Trading Approach towards Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Projectsshanteshhede

1/20/17 Team only
To issue credits/certificates to facilitate and subsidize workable solutions for environmental and social sustainability.

Renewable Energy: Needed to Fight Global Warmingjackowalden1

1/20/17 Team only
If you believe that the Sun emits heat and light, and that a mirror reflects sunlight, then you can believe in my invention.

WWT Low Carbon: No SludgeCOROH SYSTEM

1/20/17 Team only
The only way to have no carbon contribution by WWT is produce zero Sludge. COROH System is the unique No Sludge WWT Tech worldwide.

Carbon Emissions Exchange format: define a standard to describe the emissionsbeg2k1

1/20/17 Team only
Individuals and organizations are willing to reduce their emissions: letâ??s give them the insight they need to measure their actions

From waste to renewable energy: Towards a circular economy in BoliviaBolivian Engineering

1/20/17 Team only
Reducing the Bolivian carbon footprint through the implementation of a robust technology under a novel business model.

Reducing the gap between carbon markets and the private financial sectorddleon2002

1/20/17 Team only
Promote forest restoration and reduce extreme poverty by facilitating the private financial sector to participate in the carbon markets

We create the will. Technology is the way/Making economies work positively.wokwill

1/20/17 Team only
We make economic systems work for the environment by giving people what they want.

Thermal compressor for mobile and fixed HVACR systemsSolair

1/20/17 Team only
Joining a modified Stirling engine and an HVACR system where the HVACR refrigerant gas is the Stirling engine working gas.

Carbon Neutral Smart Village (CNSV)VIDYUT

1/20/17 Team only
We propose to make Indian villages, carbon neutral and energy Self-Sufficient by harnessing the local resources with the help of technology.

Teslanut Tree in a box: green alternative for all your carbon burning needsZachary

1/20/17 Team only
Mass produced, lightweight, solar tree in a box with inkjet printed organic solar cells for clean energy generation.

Less Gas, More Prosperity: high productivity, low emissions global farming.Indigo

1/20/17 Team only
Agrizest increases agricultural productivity, food security and reduces GHG emissions by improving biological system efficiency.

Saving the lives of refugees and the Environment in LebanonJABER

1/19/17 Team only
Teaching the refugees how to avoid diseases and to reduce CO2 emission during the production of their drinking water

CO2 Scrubber for Vehicles- A Step Towards Reducing Global Carbon EmissionsAjayK

1/19/17 Team only
A novel device that aims to fight Global Warming by reducing carbon emissions from vehicle exhausts.

Transition Streets, a neighborhood carbon reduction projectcarolyne-stayton

1/19/17 Team only
Transition Streets is a behavior-change project bringing neighbors together to cut household energy/water/waste/transportation miles.

Optimizing global efforts towards a low carbon future.eburboav

1/19/17 Team only
What we want to do is to increase the potential of the current solutions through the provision of information to investors or governments.

Dynamic charging of eVehicles to transport renewable energy from distant

1/19/17 Team only
Dynamic charging of eVehicles can be used to transport renewable energy as well as people and cars. Suburbs can be main source of energy

Dynamic charging of eVehicles to transport renewable energy from distant

1/19/17 Team only
Dynamic charging of eVehicles can be used to transport renewable energy as well as people and cars. Suburbs can be main source of energy

Reduction of Greenhouse Gasses related to animal agricultureBills

1/19/17 Team only
Use of microalgae as animal feed could have a major impact on several problems

A global framework for energy transitionPeterB29N

1/19/17 Team only
A framework for replacing the world's inventory of fossil fuel energy conversion devices and cleaning up accumulated CO2 emissions

Engaged Tracking: Shifting Investor Capital Towards Carbon-Efficient CompaniesET Index Research

1/19/17 Team only
Engaged Tracking: incentivising companies to lower carbon emissions by shifting investor capital towards carbon-efficient companies

Mini Elevated GreenTrains - complete transit solution - powered by green energyterrautopia

1/19/17 Team only
A comprehensive sollution for urban mobility for all through Mini Elevated Green Trains - optimal design for elevated GREEN mass trainst

Idle stop feature to be designed & installed in Cars manufactured before 2014Dare to Dream

1/19/17 Team only
Vehicles in any developing country are old and energy inefficient, idle-stop feature can be devised and installed to reduce GHG emission

The Home and Village Centric EnterpriseAcstruct

1/19/17 Team only
Empower low emission economic growth for rich and poor nations by creating the home and village centric enterprise.


1/19/17 Team only
Amorphous carbon nanoparticles in aqueous suspension adsorb the free carbon of the atmosphere.It acts like the leaves of an artificial tree

Civilization 2.0 - Urban Agriculture as a necessityMartinCarroll

1/19/17 Team only
An application that brings landowners, volunteers, labourers, businesses, professionals and benefactors together to reverse climate change.

Green energy for 2.8 million peoplegreenSchleswigHolstein

1/19/17 Team only
Produce enough electricity from wind, solar and biomass for an entire region including highly industrialized areas.


1/19/17 Team only
Wind energy is hugely available on sea but not tapped as per its potential. This can be done by this idea. campaign, targets consumers and companies, meet both ...You,JoinTeam

1/18/17 Team only campaign, targets consumers and companies, meet both demand and production interests and change inertia. First stage.

Economics of hydrogen fuel production, storage and consumption in Nepal.tejrimal

1/18/17 Team only
Economics of hydrogen fuel production, storage and consumption in Nepal.

New 0-emission clean energy tech, outperforms fossil fuel 24/7, will cost lessiEnergyLLC

1/18/17 Team only
New clean energy generation tech: based on a new, highly efficient process, converts the effects of centrifugal force into kinetic motion.

Space for Solarbenacheson

1/18/17 Team only
Big delivery companies like Amazon, Tesla & Boeing have vast, empty warehouse rooftops to save money & the planet with large solar farms.

CECKrish Biswas

1/18/17 Team only
Carbon emission calculators for automobile vehicles .


1/16/17 Team only

Inga Alley Cropping Saves Rainforests/Sustains families/Sequesters carbonIngaistheanswer

1/16/17 Team only
Slash & Burn destroys rainforests sending CO2 into the atmosphere.Inga Alley Cropping is the sustainible solution for tropical family farms.

Government financing or NPO financingMateus Francischetti

1/16/17 Team only
Technology solutions are already there, we need someone to fund these solution for most people and educate them.

ThinkBig joinsavetheworldpol87

1/16/17 Team only
First attempt. Just trying website

willpower-energy: Make your own fuel from CO2 at homewillpower-energy

1/16/17 Team only
willpower-energy makes it possible to transform atmospheric CO2 into fuel and to store energy - in your own home for your own home.

Air repair with least cost, waste, uncertainty and disruption.Accidental Salvation

1/15/17 Team only
Least cost, waste, uncertainty and disruption carbon fixes may be profitable, efficiently reduce waste, and exist already, unnoticed.

dooron ravivdraviv7

1/14/17 Team only
use public transportation as more as possible .

Mangrove Forests as Carbon sinks.Nimrod

1/14/17 Team only
Mangrove forests are the best known carbon captors, there for to improve carbon fixation levels we need to conserve and restore the forests.


1/12/17 Team only
Eleven Challenge is the app that transforms your energy generated by moving into donations to charity institutions.

Re-energized Earth by interconnected microgrids and renewable energiesJuhoL

1/11/17 Team only
Harmonized worldwide energy production and transmission solution to significantly reduce carbon footprint and secure zero emissions future.

Treecoins against Climate Change and Povertytreebonds

1/10/17 Team only
Every year more than 30 billions tons of CO2 are emitted for Climate Change and Poverty. Create a coin for planting trees and change climate

Emergence - connecting globally and upscaling community-led climate actionECOLISE

1/9/17 Team only
Global change through emergence - connecting and upscaling citizen and community-led climate action

Food for allsanyogp

1/9/17 Team only
Every single household grows something.

Molecule breakdownSantiaagoGaj

1/8/17 Team only
The idea consists on bombarding the molecule with different molecules to cause big energetic collision to break the bond in the molecule.

Planned Eco-Communities for ReforestationEEEKat

1/8/17 Team only
Reclaim Regions at Edges of Increasing Desert and Drought with Eco-Communities and High-Point Reforestation

New scales of measurement to condense CO2deivisbluz

1/8/17 Team only
Create new measurements of temperature, length and mass based on CO2.

Diamond - sequestering carbon in a high value product for constructionPipeDream

1/7/17 Team only
We should condense atmospheric carbon into diamond then use it in construction. We could enter the diamond age and control atmospheric CO2.

Promotion of an ecologically sustainable machine to harness renewable energy.tejrimal

1/6/17 Team only
Promotion of an ecologically sustainable machine to improve food & water security using climate resilient agriculture.


1/5/17 Team only

Deep water co2 injectionmitcheisenstein

1/5/17 Team only
Carbon dioxide is injected into high pressure piping down from the ocean surface to the deep sea floor where it dissolves into stable water

Deep water co2 injectionmitcheisenstein

1/5/17 Team only
Carbon dioxide is injected into high pressure piping down from the ocean surface to the deep sea floor where it dissolves into stable water

New Ship Propeller Reduces Fuel Use By Staggering AmountAdmiral

1/4/17 Team only
Breakthrough ship propellor reduces fuel use in ships 80% by eliminating the pre-cavitational state and focuses all power to idealized flow

Two words: 'STREET LIGHT'.NConline

1/4/17 Team only
A connected grid of solar powered street lights (with poles made out of an organically grown material).


1/3/17 Team only
My invention; Power Source Circuits; and/or Microchips Electronics that generate electricity and enhanced power for devices functionality.


1/3/17 Team only
My invention; Power Source Circuits; and/or Microchips Electronics that generate electricity and enhanced power for devices functionality.

Freezing CO2 emissions.petermertz

1/3/17 Team only
Freeze or liquify CO2 and other Green House Gasses emission, then reprocess them via photosynthesis to create renewable energy.


1/2/17 Team only
Open application, centralised management for carbon education/monitoring/management. Highlight actual usage and available positive actions

Improving Agriculture & Reduction of CO2 through Wind Millsev1stensberg

12/30/16 Team only
Windmills could generate electricity, organic material, reduce CO2 emission and generate water. Using windmills could solve world problems.

M3 Hybrid. A small wind hybrid turbine for global deployment.Pivotal Aero

12/30/16 Team only
There's nothing crazy about 24/7 renewable power. Not just one clean tech solution, but hybridization of wind+solar+storsage for global use.

From self sustainable buildings to self sustainable citiesHealthyPlanet

12/30/16 Team only
Each unit/building will be self sustainable, Meaning that they will be able to produce energy and store it for other uses in the building.

The Carbon Free Marketnac003

12/30/16 Team only
Solving the carbon problem with simple economics

Renewable Public Transportation and Fleet ManagementTenqyu

12/29/16 Team only
Efficient transporation of goods and people is the key pillar to an Economy's success in the 21st century. Efficient management a must.

We All Live in a Yellow Submarinebillmdavis1

12/28/16 Team only
We only have one (1) planet so we're all in this together. We have no choice but to collaborate, cooperate and work together.


12/27/16 Team only

The Trucksack reduces the drag by dynamically reshaping the rear end of vehiclesAlpha Team Aachen

12/26/16 Team only
Our invention reduces the drag by reshaping the rear of trucks to optimise its aerodynamics. The result is an increase in efficiency of 20%

Plant 1 Billion TreesPlant Billion Trees

12/22/16 Team only
Start a Kickstarter campaign to plant 1 billion trees and then plant them.


12/21/16 Team only
This is a simple solution to a big problem.Cheap and widely available for any country or city to incorporate.

Carbon Emissions Are The Tip Of The Iceberg!Team Harambe

12/21/16 Team only
Corporations would be euphoric to find how cheap and convenient reducing harmful carbon emmissions could be, of a cost-conscious solution.

Corporate and Individualsroxannesanjose

12/11/16 Team only
The Key Idea behind my solution was based on knowledge

Decarbonize both fuel injection or carburetor equipped vehiclesMentortech

12/8/16 Team only
Pass new Laws to make it a Legal requisite for all Petrol and Diesel Engines to be Decarbonized every 30.000 miles.


12/8/16 Team only
Traceability of waste, employment generation and decent income and the circular economy implemented throughout the world.

Automatic Idle Preventionaudioengr

12/7/16 Team only
Implement features in new smart vehicles that cause the engine to turn off when in park, eliminating unneccessary emissions.

Achieving Post Scarcity Through Global Information SystemsMahesh87

12/6/16 Team only
Provide a system which places sustainability at the center of our decision making and not profit

Ownatreesaadithya and 1 other

12/3/16 Team only
Bringing ownership for protection of trees, encourage people & companies to own more trees to makeup for carbon emissions they make.

Zero Carbon Energy Conversion - Effective FreeNet Zero Foundation

12/2/16 Team only
Zero Carbon Conversion is available NOW, mostly "effectively free". The technologies are off-the-shelf and only getting cheaper. Act Now!

Molecular-Carbon Dioxide Alteration Via SatellitesBASRC

12/2/16 Team only
A solution to combating Carbon-Dioxide is the launch of a series of satellites into the atmosphere becoming "atmosphere cleaners".

Inform consumers to save the planeteyerah

12/1/16 Team only
Require carbon footprint labeling on all products so that consumers can make informed choices when purchasing.

Solving Water is Solving Carbonsakkout and 1 other

12/1/16 Anyone
Desert reforestation is needed for massive CO2 reabsorption. An idea is presented for the large-scale desalination required.

Use energy when available from renewable sourcesCarbonkiller

12/1/16 Team only
Manage demand instead and use 100% of renewable energy instead of producing according to demand (incentive: price!)

Place solar panels on all new structures, residential and commercial.Sol Search

12/1/16 Team only
Make solar panels part of the building code so all buildings and renovations use solar panels for half of their roofing.

compressed carbon. also have an idea for an untested renewable energy generator.I like Kerbals.

11/30/16 Team only
Probably silly. Just store carbon emissions in compressed gas form. This would take up a large amount of space in cylinders/holding tanks.

Recycle plastic into safety reflectors and save lives!

11/30/16 Team only
By producing reflective SIM cards, we can recycle plastic into safety reflectors, we thereby recycling tons of plastic and save lives.

A NANO Capture and Energy Converter that store electricity from Carbon EmmissionARMTech Philippines

11/22/16 Team only
New membrane to capture and convert CO,CO2 with the use of nanotech solutions yielding into oxygen,and salts converted to electrical energy