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Fuel: Carbon Contributions

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How can individuals and corporations manage and reduce their carbon contributions?

By 2050, the world must double its energy and food supply to meet demand generated in large part by a growing increasingly prosperous population. We need to act now to balance increased production and consumption with the urgent steps necessary to monitor, manage, and mitigate climate change and its associated ecological and environmental risks.The Solve community aims to help fill some of the acute gaps in thinking, implementation, and discovery which exist in the effort to solve the world’s most pressing challenges. To help jumpstart additive solutions to manage our global emissions crisis, the SOLVE community will seek to generate and implement solutions to:

  • Generate, test and deploy carbon removal technologies that could be deployed by individuals and/or corporations, at point or at scale.
  • Suggest implementable ‘bottom-up’ carbon pricing approaches for communities and businesses.
  • Propose large-scale individual-level and business-level solutions to significantly reduce emissions.

NOTE: Solutions which address only one or several of these areas are welcome.

11 Solutions

Solution nameAuthor(s)ModifiedContributors

Green Gas- Fueling Environmental ImpactGlobal Citizens- GCI

1/25/17 Team only
Crowdfunding environmental and humanitarian impact through market-based strategy of integrating carbon offsets into retail fossil fuels.

Expanding the Role of Industrial Photosynthesis in Carbon ReductionTeam Creo

1/20/17 Team only
Advanced photobioreactors can now outperform modern agriculture. How can they be expanded to make agricultural production carbon-negative?

Carbon-Neutral Syngas Production and Storage Using Renewable EnergyATCO Innovation

1/20/17 Anyone
Use renewable energy, CO2 sequestered from air, and H2O to create syn-gas that can be stored or used for heating or electricity generation.

Pivotal Aero - a hybrid wind turbine for nano grid settingsPivotal Aero

1/20/17 Team only
Pivotal Aero is developing a hybrid wind/solar turbine for nano-grid energy generation and individual energy generation, called the M3

ENERj : a fun, engaging and rewarding way to save energyENERj

1/20/17 Team only
We can leverage technology to affect mass scale change by nudging individual actors to consume more responsibly.

ecotrack: the app that helps humans cut carbonecotrack

1/20/17 Team only
ecotrack is fitbit for sustainability: a free app which tracks your carbon footprint and gives you personalized suggestions for shrinking it

Transit X: solar-powered flying podsTransit X

1/20/17 Team only
Transit X is developing solar-powered flying pods more sustainable than buses, trains, cars, trucks, and planes. See

Direct Methane Conversion - Changing Emissions to Graphene and Hydrogen FuelAeolus's Breath

1/20/17 Team only
To prevent potent carbon emissions, DMC employs hands-off, low-cost technology to produce profitable yields while reducing methane output.

Waste Heat Energy Trade: New Business Strategy Towards Carbon-Neutral IndustriesHydromania and 1 other

1/20/17 Team only
Waste heat of some industries is sufficient to drive smaller businesses. What if there was a market to sell/buy that waste heat?

Idle stop feature to be designed & installed in Cars manufactured before 2014Dare to Dream

1/19/17 Team only
Vehicles in any developing country are old and energy inefficient, idle-stop feature can be devised and installed to reduce GHG emission

Inga Alley Cropping Saves Rainforests/Sustains families/Sequesters carbonIngaistheanswer

1/16/17 Team only
Slash & Burn destroys rainforests sending CO2 into the atmosphere.Inga Alley Cropping is the sustainible solution for tropical family farms.