Identify the talents of refugees regardless of language or biographical background digitally to build their smart talent & education profile



The open solution toggles the key questions that arise in a refugee situation even if all participants are really willing to help.

  • How do I collect the relevant professional knowledge?
  • How do I deal with the possible multitude of candidates in a timely manner?
  • How do I overcome the language barriers that might exist?
  • How do I deal with the misuse of diplomas and formal qualifications between the country of origin and the country the refugee comes to?

"smart digital skill & education profile" can help to take these decisive hurdles. And get answers to these questions quickly by providing and combining apps and web tools to a digital online platform.

The platform is open to digital tools that are easily accessible over the web and can be used on the refugees smartphone or tablet. The tools are available in the different languages, so that it easy to ask the refugee in his home tongue and providing the answers for the experts in their native language.

Every refugees has soft skills, theoretical knowledge and practical skills. All those different aspects are valued and integrated by different components. Our solution suggests four as a start.

By using a gamification approach the refugee can identify skills like resilience and ability to work in a team and their level that are hard to assess so quickly and digitally in any other way. This part of the solution comes from

To get to know the theoretical knowledge is addressed by adding tools like Kenexa skill assessment to the online platform.

The third aspect to assess practical skills in a digital way might be the most challenging. Using augmented reality tools like the one from ioxp can be a start.

The fourth component of the platform is combining all the different structured outputs of the tools above. It is the Watson cognitive platform which helps identify patterns and suggest relevant areas of qualification and learning on a combined basis and aggregated and uniform way.

Find four slides describing the solution here.

What are the key outcomes and impact of your solution?

The intended outcome of the described solution is a smart talent and education profile for the refugee on an individual basis. A digital skill profile on an AI-powered talent and education platform that describes him best with all the talents and knowledge he or she has.

And as the refugee is certainly not in an environment that can be called a "safe & sound environment for conventional learning" the smart profile has to take into account all the limiting factors of the situation he or she is in:

This includes to answer the question of delivery, as soon as the appropriate individual education modules are identified.

For the one seeking to employ the refugee this smart profile can be used as well to match with the real needs of the job, formal qualification certificates becoming less relevant.

The delta between the skills and knowledge a refugee already has and the jobs needs is documented and an individual training plan is created.

Links to online courses can be tied into the solution, which get the relevant data for a solution to solve the individual refugees training needs.

On the platform all relevant key metrics can be tracked as well globally as down to an individual basis, thus answering questions like:

- How was the overall skill improvement in a given time?
- At what pace can skill in a specific area can improved?
- What training provided the greatest effect compared to others?

What actions do you propose to realize your stated goals?

To build the core of the open cognitive education platform a set of three to four tools - that are already available - have to be combined in a unique way to provide the smart talent and education profile.

The suggested basis for the project is described in slide 2 in this 4-page-deck.

  • a gamification toolset coming from for soft skills
  • a theoretical skill assessment toolset coming from the IBM
  • an augmented reality toolset coming f.e. from ioxp
  • a cognitive computing toolset to combine structured and unstructured data coming from the IBM

But these are only technical components that make up the system. Those technical components help us overcome the hurdles that different languages might provide and help us deal even with a multitude of people by still addressing each case individually.

To make the solution work areas have to be addressed, too, that have their origin in the political or cultural differences between the different protagonists.

Can I trust "the system"? How about data protection? 

Therefore the pilot should not only combine the technical components, which is the easier part compared to the other areas mentioned above.

A patron of the pilot has to be chosen that is accepted by all the different groups the solution targets. And some friendly but well known early adopters from industry and government are needed, too, to send out the right signals.

A crowdsourcing approach building the solution bottom-up will add to the successful implementation, too.

Who will take these actions?

A project team has to be formed which implements the unifying digital skills & education platform.

The core project team consists of
    - domain experts
      from the education domain
    - method experts
      from the different solutions that will be integrated
      at the moment Knack, Kenexa/IBM, Watson/IBM

This core project team will be completed by users from the chosen target geography.

Join us - #YMAD – You make a difference!

Target geography

The solution describes an online digital skills platform that can be built, starting with components already available.It can be used from anywhere it is needed in the world where internet access is available.

The solution is not tied to any specific region so we are open to select the starting point according to get first positive effects soon to built a momentum.

Coming from Germany where we are still involved and engaged with all the refugees coming to our country I could think of that as a starting point.

We have harsh formal qualifications for jobs, so there is often a large gap between the skills a refugee has and the level of formal qualification he or she is able to prove.

And maybe we have to target more than one geography, because the problems in one country/region can only be solved from outside, means from another country/region.

That is the fact when I look at my home country, Germany, where the demographics show that we are in dire need of skilled people to keep our industries going.

What do you expect are the costs associated with piloting and implementing the solution, and what is your business model?

The costs associated with piloting and implementing the solution come from three different areas:

- building the unified solution
- paying the license cost for the tools combined within the solution
- hosting and providing the solution

For the
a) prototype/piloting phase
b) implementation phase

The core team pushes the development of a product prototype on the basis of the existing concepts and plans. Technical services may be purchased by external specialists.
Calculated Costs: 150.000 $
The modules are used on an is-basis in the chosen target geography with pilot users.
Calculated costs: 50.0000 $

The product prototype was developed. With the help of partners in the target geography, first AI features of a minimal viable product are are tested with pilot users in several iterations.
Calculated Costs: 250.000 $

The modules are used on an is-basis in the chosen target geography with a broader range of users.
Calculated costs: 50.0000 $

The product leaves the beta stage and becomes mature for product use in more than the pilot regions.
In parallel a second set of features is planed to be added on the basis of user feedback in the target geography.
Calculated costs: 500.000 $

The user base and the number of installations is steadily increasing. The demand for product consulting and product adaptation / further development is increasing, too.
The internal know-how in technology and AI-based processes is continually expanded in order to better meet customer requirements, and support activities are increasing.
Calculated costs: 500.000 $


It is a multi-phase project, that could start right now providing pilot outcomes within 6-12 months. Those pilot outcomes can we used right away being beneficial and providing feedback for further steps.

The combined platform, due to its cognitive computing core, has the ability to add more data sources and tools step by step where and when appropriate.

Find it visualized on page 4 on the PDF right here.

The tools that make up the solution can be used on an as-is-basis right away. A portal website has to be created to granting a uniform access to all the tools that are provided in the mix.

In a next step possible translations that are not already available have to be done for the target region and home countries of the refugees.

A next step is to combine the output of the different tools in one skill profile which describes the refugee as a person with all his soft skills, theoretical knowledge and practical skills.

A parallel or next step is to identify and fill the gaps that might still exist in the tool mix. A cognitive solution like IBM Watson could help identify patterns that are searched for, like:

"What kind of training is best for this person to get him up speed job-wise quickly in the area where he is right now".

Related solutions

The following solutions that can be found in this challenge integrate nicely with this proposal and can be an input for this solution or can benefit from the smart talent and education profile this solution wants to build:

There are even more related solutions and I added comments in their comment section.



The (German) homepage describing the solution can be found right here.

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