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This proposal will scale to large numbers of Syrian refugees around the world at an extremely low cost. 

It takes advantage of the fact that large quantities of excellent learning resources are becoming available with a Creative Commons license, making them free plus the increased access to the Internet.  The combination is bound to reduce radically the cost of quality education around the work and increase access to such education.  

The Free Syrian Education Library will open the door to good resources to programs in Arabic and in their new languages.  Syrian refugees in the MIddle East, and those in Europe and other places where Syrian refugees have found temporary homes, will to be able to continue their education in their birth language as well as in their newly adopted languages.



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I have already used this platform, I can say that it is not only user friendly but it is filled with a wide range of valuable learning content.

In my opinion, this solution has the potential to provide scalable opportunities to a public that is greatly in need!




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Refugee education is an interesting topic. Refugee crisis is one of the most important crises that everybody is debating on. Some people debate in favor of accepting refugees while other have their own opinion of not letting them in. But one thing is for sure, it is a right of every individual to gain their basic need and education is one of them. Not educating the refugees might result in further problems for the world. So education is very important and if there is a problem of travelling, these can register for accredited life experience degree programs from the leading online institutes with a proper internet connectivity. 



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I feel Syrian refugees need to learn science, be modern, also glad that they're already modern when compared with other regional people for ex: iran & saudi.

There are many ways they can increase education for ex: engineering education TNEA 2017 which is for BE, BTech admissions.

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