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I have a solution proposal for this that I think would be exceedingly helpful to anyone working on this big picture problem.  If you'd like, I can talk in depth about my research and proposal, and you can add it to your own.It's unfortunate that the submission period is not continuing on this, since only the handful of folks who are aware of the challenge can submit, while there are so many people out there who could probably contribute the necessary bits to generate a truly effective, inclusive, collaborative solution.  But then again, perhaps that is what you are looking to us to help you do in the future!



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I too have a solution proposal that I feel would fit this area for an unaddressed issue which has the ability to increase production of every single person and company in the United States. I have already obtained a patent for the product necessary. What I cannot do, however, is get this information into the right hands. The proposal is mostly for our next generation, however this generation can certainly benefit from the product and teachings. I have researched my product and process, and there is no one out there with the product or process at this time. Obviously due to patents and privacy I have been skeptical about sharing the information. I would love to collaborate as testing and research now need to go to a higher level.

I will look forward to the next time this category is available, or would love to hear from anyone interested in collaborating in what I feel could make our entire country faster and more efficient especially for future generations.



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I too have a solution!!. I did not know that exist this opportunity.



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I regrett have just been invited to join SOLVE recently.

I have not regrets to share all my research and innitiatives i have worded out as of today in order to submit a solution for this quite important challenge will need many research and innovations, indeed including digital solutions to get the goods and food supply adding the inclusion of the smaller farmers and producers closer to the consumers saving money to the latter and increasing the economy of the former, without reducing the current supply chain incomes but becoming them exponential.

Perhaps Judges want to consider re-opening this challenge for the ones are intending to share their solutions to this huge need in the world will be so innovative that will change the world for better.




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I will alert the IIC judges to all of your comments. Thank you for being part of the Solve community!



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Please alert me as well if the solution proposal is going to reopen. Would like to provide a proposal as well. Thanks.



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Could an email be sent to all members when call for solutions reopen? I would be interested in submitting a proposal. Thanks! :)



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I got an email this morning stating that last date is Aug 15th 8pm EST, but looks like I cannot submit my entry for inclusion solution I am focused on.

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