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Make: Inclusive innovation

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Underway, see IIC website 06/22/16 12:00 EDT
How do we create a more inclusive, productive, and sustainable economic future for all?

The Inclusive Innovation Competition (IIC) spotlights innovations that address the question: "How do we create a more inclusive, productive, and sustainable economic future for all?" The IIC was born from a Make challenge at the inaugural Solve event in October 2015.


Inclusive innovations are innovations that lead to affordable access to quality goods or services for large numbers of people, creating livelihoods for excluded populations on a long-term, sustainable basis.


The IIC is an awards program identifying, supporting, and celebrating organizations that are working to invent a more sustainable and productive future for everyone. The IIC grants $1 million to organizations that improve the lives of people at the middle and base of our economy.


The goals of the IIC are (1) to discover, evaluate, and advance the best innovations that reduce inequality; (2) to build a community of Solvers who care about inclusive innovation; and (3) to deepen our understanding of how to achieve inclusive growth. IIC applicants are solutions-focused organizations that have harnessed the modern toolkit of technology to develop breakthrough approaches that raise economic prospects for middle and base-level earners. For-profit and nonprofit organizations of any size, age, or nation may apply.


The IIC is now closed for solutions. For more information on the IIC timeline, judging, and prizes, visit the IIC web site or click to 

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